Monday, February 9, 2015

Birds In Trees, Birds on Wires (A tribe to Thursday Poets Rally week 80)

i walked outdoor
and looked at all the birds,
some hide themselves inside tree leaves,
many simply sit on the wire,
a string of goshawks and sparrows,
they form a moving line
which makes my moment sublime.
my joy to see the day's representation,
a blue jay lands on my shoulder,
a brown robin whispers in my ear,
they make me fall out of breath,
withholding myself very stilly,
i catch these birds' wings,
flying silently, south.


hyde park poetry palace thursdy poets rally week 80 (Feb 4 -Feb 17, 2015)


  1. dealing with poetry indeed makes ourselves and us sublime.

  2. love this! i'm a bird lover myself :)

  3. it twitting like the chirping of birds, very profound imagery.

  4. pure pleasant read.