Thursday, October 4, 2012

Simple Wondering: Where Will My Soul Be!

Will my soul be outside me,
haunting the deserted place, like a tree?
Will it be in woods,
Chasing ghosts and breaking rules?
Will it be around oceans warmed by the sun?
will I touch the water and sense the divine.
Will it be around stars that are far away?
Will I inversion it in my dreams, day by day?
Oh, where, where is my soul that would lead me?
I wish to travel high and low, to view the Godly glow.


  1. love the varying imagery and the ride is fantastic.

  2. love the ride.
    you will have everything you need.

  3. I bet you are already there or will be there soon.

    sweet dreams.

  4. When I was quite young...and okay last week too, I dreamed I was me, but with fairy wings and I flew above trees and the eagles were my friends. I found that I could touch an eagle and see through it's eyes and I could feel myself soaring over mountains and streams and oceans and then suddenly I was a mermaid at the bottom of the sea living in a city made of diamonds and gold and I could speak to the dolphins.
    It was a pretty long dream, so this is where I'll stop, but I have to say that reading your piece brought it all back so vividly. Thank you for sharing and for bringing a dream memory and a smile back to my face. Praying you have a blessed week.

  5. Loved it! I think we all wonder what it'll be like when our souls are free and I'd like to think that we'll be able to fly in space and run our fingers through the galaxies and warm our fingers in the heat of the suns.
    Great read; made me think and imagine all kinds of cool stuff. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a blessed weekend!