Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Dream (For Hyde Park Thursday Poets Rally Week 73)

Languages, signs, and symbols float everywhere,
They haunt me, refusing to disappear.
It’s snowing in a post,
I spy a white furry ghost.
Words written are foreign,
How to get them translated, it’s forgotten.
I make a click on my mouse,
I see a rocket dropping on my house.
I make another click, carrying fear,
I see a shark flying, coming near.
I hold my breath, shutting the computer down,
A bear pops out of the screen, big and brown.
I try my best to scream,
I find myself shivering in bed, it’s just a dream. images

 The Perfect Poet Award Of Week 72

Hyde Park Poetry  has honored me an award, I feel humble, Thanks for considering of me, I wish to nominate another poet for week 73, she is  Virginia Davis Hargis...Happy Rally Week 73 Today…


  1. I am making up comments at poets rally now for week 72...

    hope that you join us for week 73.

    Happy Rally.

  2. Sounds like a wacky, scary dream. Fun to read.

  3. ah what a dream!

  4. thanks for sharing your dreams.

    a dream is a dream , not reflecting your future.

  5. Happy rally dear dreamer..

  6. a nice piece, I enjoyed the read

  7. it's just a dream,

    have a good one tonight.

  8. a wonderful piece on a breath taking dream.

    well crafted.


  9. at times, dream is a reflection.

    wishing you a lovely day.