Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Short Story Slam Week 23: Today's Weather

 Image Credit: Meredith Storm

Thunder storms from Sand Springs,
and glittering daydreams
constantly appear...
First sight impression,
Desperate souls differ,
and clash above clouds without a halt,
Crushes transform into limitless fire,
July orchards, of leaves,
Fallen petals of pink flowers
with soft edges...
Orange seeds in yellow texture
and bitterish juices,
Oh, the rain you bring
goes down on earth,
then rises to branches of trees,
until the perfect wind
sends it flying,
higher and further,
back to wondrous clouds,
preparing for another serious weather...


  1. this is just wonderful:)

  2. I could really visualize this! Great job with some amazing imagery. My favorite line:

    Orange seeds in yellow texture

    Love that!

  3. quite charming poetry.

    thanks for turning your wit on.


  4. Wow! I absolutely love how you've used the words; lovely!

  5. the way your words speak is amazing.
    well done entry.

  6. glittering imagery.