Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let The Game Begin! London, England Jingles The Bell (July 27 - August 12, 2012)

July runs from us all,
Olympic games are heating up,
Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals
want to glitter through August 12,
What magical transformation:
Big daydreams flirt
under the umbrella of outstanding
International Olympic committee,
and sparkling open ceremony,
London, England jingles the noisy bell!
Ho ho ho,
Dropping out stars are previous time winners,
shifting cards make audiences cooking pots sizzle,
breath taking competitions in glory,
fame, tears, and regrets,
instant bitterish and revealing mindsets,
The Wall Street Journal,
The New York Times,
ABC, NBC, BBC, MSN, Wenxue City, and CNN,
All are busy with differing photographing,
It's about 100% tough contests,
It's about wit, virtue, and healthy workers,
Europe VS North America,
Asia VS Middle East,
The Middletons, The Williams, 

The Northwestern Evanston, 
and The Raun’s Soil Labs..
Children's Literature Experts,
PG-13 program designers,
The Kings and Queens,
The fans and sporty gangs,
Everyone is celebrating
under The Perfect Tower Bridge Fireworks,
and the wholesome Olympic Spirits..

Image Credit:, The New York Times, MSN via Yahoo, Wenxuecity Xinhua News.....