Thursday, February 24, 2011

Terrific Things Have Wings

A park is dressed in colorful flowers,
Cut by a path of smooth stones,
Trimmed evergreens stand on the shoulder,
A couple on the bench play with their i-phones,
Birds cry
when they make their way into the sky,
Trees lower their heads
2 peek at river beds..
Fish for a school
and blow bubbles to stir a lovely view.
Terrific things
have wings,
We cherish peace
on earth.

My entry 2 Peace efforts, By Trisha 4 all! Come Join us! and
T Is 4 Terrific


  1. A beautiful poem, and I just love that picture!

  2. When we lived in the inner city, the park was where we went to refresh our spirits.

  3. This is lovely. Just what we are all looking for as we enter into Spring. I would love to have a picnic with some sweet tea right there in that picture with the trees and that pond!

    Thanks for sharing this one!

  4. Just the perfect poem and perfect pictures to cheer me on this cold, wet, gloomy, windy day. Thank you!

  5. this is beautiful and lovely jingle. lets all cherish and spread peace.


  6. Such a sweet poem! Great "T" post.

  7. What a beautiful and peaceful stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "T".

    This felt like a respite from life. A moment I was definitely in need of.

    Thank you for that, and thank you for sharing your terrific writing with us.


  8. I enjoyed this. Felt like I was taking a walk and seeing everything you described... Wonderful and amazing photo.

  9. Wonderful descriptive prose, a afternoon bright in memory captured forever

  10. Soothing and tranquil. Totally enjoyed the walk in the park. Excellent!