Wednesday, March 2, 2016

short story slam week 39, three word Wednesday, Sunday's whirligig

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3WW Week No. 469

 naked, obey, piercing
Whirligig 49

I bet Megan Barry indeed hear us,
Carondelet high school runs like a shop of Toy'R Us

when we seek room for march spring break,
we find that city of Jackson, Nashville, and Saint Louis are what we take

naked thoughts, wildness work wonder to obey hungry thanks,
piercing enemy, fainted darkness praise empty green lawn landmarks

thirsty wolves, our stomach obeys personal favors,
Mayor Gist, Tony Yarber, Robert Fahlman vote for official seats

a stop for travelers is good from Howard Johnson,
Tom Bobich, Patricia Brighton, and Comelius Vanderbilt found a college

graduates from Tennessee, Masachusetts, Illinois, California, Texas speak,
Claton Kershaw, Alexis Bledel, Samuel Van Dyke Stout does mouse squeak

short story slam week 39, the children's place, toys, games, puzzles, and cartoon books