Sunday, May 17, 2015

Julie Ronbinwood's Full circle of Mini Banking

it's May 16th, 2015,
The day is scheduled in the full circle of Mini Banking:
Conoco Gas at Sangre for Tom's OYo cello audition,
A birthday wish for May 22nd birthday boys Thomas,
Shegumo, Richard, George, and Bill.
65 minutes drive to OCU Wanda Bass music school,
Check in at 9:45am, with Karina Fisher or Eric Garcia,
sit next to Flecia Emrich, Mary Green, Shawn Marler,  
appreciating Shawnnessy Black, Vicki TAYLOR , Pamela Dongilli, Amy Willhoit,  
Yvonne Juarez, Lathica Abeyewarden,  Kim Murray, Jason Edward Grife, Bob Cooper,
Think of Gental Dental Care at Moore, Edmond, Perkins, or Choctow,
Imaging the home for Katy, Alyssa, Zachriah, Sara, Abbey, Morgan, 
Megan, Madison, Eric, Barnett, John, Jim, Jason, Christopher, Tom.
At 12:20pm, dine some Dim Sum at Grand House China Bistro,
Fuel hen at Shell of Morrison,
Train of thoughts on Hennessy, Perry, Enid, Silicon Valley, San Francisco,
Passing Convington, Noble County,
Entering Woodward, Garfield county,
Stop at Braum's for gravy and chicken stripes,
photographying Saint Mary imaging hospital,
including Enid Public School,
city of Enid police department,
Public Library of Enid and Garfield,
Telescoping Larry's Home Oxygen shop,
Purchase books on sale from Mary Lee and Lawrence Frantz.
Add 2.5 gallon of energy from Pilot, Exon, Mobile,  Philip 66,
after sipping Farmer Brothers coffee,
We connect citi card, bayclay, and united airline mastercard
so that Panda buffet is in,
Fuji film printing machine at Walmart is in usage,
and in the end, Julie is ready to hit home,
by cutting highway 64, 35, 177, and 
joining Payne county with Frontier Lane bowling mood.

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