Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mountain View On Google and Yahoo

First yahoo,
Then google,
First wild and empty,
Then mild and full of authority,
Mountain view symbolizes technology,
Information, and scientific biology,
Companies such as Apple, Motorola, DrChRoNo,
Microsoft, Mat-lab programing, Lady Marlo,
Seasonal techcrunch representations,
plus Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer,
Computer engineering major on rise,
Explosive start-ups for tech enterprise,
Not many can do the trick,
A major breakthrough beyond Saint Patrick,

First yahoo,
Then google,
First Jerry Yang,
Then Larry Page,
Eric Schmidt Rocks,
Marissa Mayer turns new chapters' page,
Christmas socks dangle near the chimney,
Holiday songs jingle along the mood of each family,
Happy April Fool,
Don't promote obesity at your school.

Go visit Mountain View,
Let your dark guts go on brew.

This is a submission to a project on nutrition...please join us today. 

A Walk On Nutrition Factors and Free Verse At Hyde Park Poetry Via Thursday Poets Rally (Week 78): Join Us Today To Pave A Healthy Habbit