Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Limericks and Young Adult Literature Top Ten Books and Awards

Limericks are fun to pass the day, especially when the weather is cold, have a good laugh!

A report has come in from the Soemba
that their salvoes go off like a Rhumba
two guns, they sound fine
but the third five point nine
he am bust and refuse to go boomba.

by Captain Nicholl

There was a young man from Japan
Whose limericks never would scan.
When asked why this was,
He replied "It's because
I always try to fit as many syllables into the last line as ever I possibly can."

             Author Unknown


PS: Locale Public Library has been showcasing Teen's Top Ten Book List, it is also available online,

Find 2012 Teen’s Top Ten Book Winners Here:

Happy Reading!, have a heart-warming December!

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