Thursday, May 31, 2012

Funny Bunny Friday Week 9: Love Has The Sense of Humor...Give Love 2 Your Loved Ones To Laugh Today...

The Sense of humor has the essence
which is fresh and tense,
It’s the quality
Conveying hope and energy,
Life has circumstances,
Nullifying the negativity requires creativity,
Humor diffuses the minus
And infuses the plus,
It arms us with new thoughts
And help us turn sorrows into happiness…
With the sense of humor shared with human kind,
I would feel good to chuckle, giggle,
In order to live my life to its fullest…
Love has the sense of humor by nature,
I’m in love with my creative and positive hubby,
Because he does many things to minimize issues
and the efforts he has put on me genuinely make me happy.
Distant laughter from me to you,
Hugs, stay upbeat and cool…..

 Image Credit: on Humor...


  1. submitting this to Funny Bunny Friday Week 9...

    Terri made it last month, I am happy to post this last day of May

    to set June in Tune and have some moments of fun today.

  2. I think laughter keeps us all mentally and emotionally healthy. Truth is I spend more than half my day laughing like a banshee...or rather an asthmatic one. LOL! Laughter also makes us happy and enables us to help others smile more. I couldn't do without my sense of humor. Be blessed.

  3. great sentiments.

    I know you love Dad.

  4. Thanks for the smiles Taylor!! You are a funny bunny :)

  5. Nice choice of poem! Lovely picture :)

  6. What a nice tribute to humor and happiness, great for the prompt, keep smiling 8-D

  7. what a lovely poem of honoring and accepting your husband for who he is beautiful sentiments.