Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Story Tree (Trees, Stories, Inspirations, and Life)

A writer’s life is a life of exile under trees.

When a writer plots a story, she is seeking shade, as a story develops, we see a tree branch out, right under winter’s coldness…

A tree takes the Sun in through its barks; it feels good to see leaves pick axing their way out, this happens in spring time.

Summer time is when a story is in its fullest swing, as a tree stands tall and feels fully packed with leaves and out stretched branch arms, everyone enjoys going under a tree in a sunny summer day, mostly in bare feet, or watch kids swimming in a pool nearby, while sitting on a beach, wearing only shorts and T-shirts, or swimsuits, and the story continues, reaching its peak then.

A story begins to wrap up as autumn arrives, tree leaves turn red, orange, or brown, leaf raking gathers meanings now, by concluding a story.

When winter says it is time to stop growing, it means tree barks look like cold, dark flames, a story complete. It’s time to stay indoor, cuddle close to the fire in your living room, let a beautiful story warm your heart or move you to tears.

A tree’s life is a story’s life, tree planting is story telling…

Think about it, write your story masterfully, the way trees grow and shine perfectly.

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  1. you contrast the seasons beautifully and I adore the narrative. Soft and alluring. Nice!

    my latest

  2. This is a nice analogy. Haha, the first line using the word "exiled" made me picture writers as some sort of deranged wild creatures climbing about the leafy limbs and peering down at those passing by. Anyways, it was interesting the way you depicted the relationship between an author and their story.

  3. Hi there.
    Thought I'd drop in and read ya :-D
    And what's the first thing this tree-lover comes upon?

    Oh, happy me :-D
    A writer's tree analogy!
    What more to write except this:
    "Thank you very much Dear T ;-) "


  4. fabulous summary.

    agree with the metaphor.

  5. "A tree’s life is a story’s life, tree planting is story telling…"

    Beautiful lines.

  6. This is a cool outlook - storytelling as tree planting. Love this perspective.

  7. good story telling