Friday, March 18, 2011

Free Write Friday/Cloak Monk's March Challenge

Under the hot sun,
Germs are supposed to die,
But mosquitoes fly
and make virus multiply.
To stay cool,
Dive in a pool,
To have fun,
Grab a water gun.
To stay fit,
Eat diet and mediate,
To remain clean,
Use zipper bags often.

My entries 4 March 19 Challenge: cleaning
and Free Write Friday: Summer Fun


  1. awesome
    makes me want to hope in a pool right now!

  2. good one! I love the unexpected zipper bags at the end.

  3. The perfect addition to free write friday! The rhyming made this great fun in itself! Thanks so much! Now I'm ready to play!

  4. I love it. We'll all be over for a swim and some BBQ.

  5. brilliant poem jingle, great suggestions ;)

    will keep them in mind.